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Lowering and Raising kits

The new "generation" of bikers is not shrinking... Well the new generation is maybe getting a bit older however the biggest problem is that many motorcycles have simply grown taller!! Maybe you notice the difference every time you try to put your leg over the seat. It's not going to be easier and this does not necessarily mean that your legs are less flexible.

The motorcycles seating height have been increased over the last 25 years - admittedly in small steps, but the result is obvious.

In 1985 the average seating height of an average bike was 750-800 mm. Today it is more likely to measure 800-850 mm! This firstly is the result of the modern "underseat exhaust system" and secondly because modern sportive bikes are built for greater banking and lean angle capacity more seasoned bikers might not even be interested in... In addition the improved ergonomics lately lead to a higher seating position!

Those are all good reasons but useless if you cannot get your leg over the bike. Therefore we do offer different lowering possibilities - with some motorcycles for up to 100 mm. This is admittedly a lot but as a matter of fact we already have had clients that were very happy after the lowering of their motorcycle! Finally they were able to really ride their "dream-motorcycle". With a lowering solution for a BMW R 1200 GS of 85 mm for example a rider that is 1.60 m tall completely gets rid of the "traffic-light-syndrome"!

What is that traffic-light-syndrome? A motorcyclist suffering from this syndrome makes a lot of detours to reach his destination. Main thing - there are as few as possible stoplights on the route where he might have to halt!

We do offer different lowering solutions:
The extremely inexpensive but limited comes from Promoto: The lowering is achieved with the help of the linkage of the shock. A different link or modified shock absorber mountings realizes a special amount of lowering!

Better and safer is of course the Wilbers solution: A lowering of up to 100 mm is reached by using custom built suspension units front and rear.

A well-thought-out lowering is convenient because smaller as well as more sedate bikers regain total control of their motorcycles in any given situation!

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Lowering kits

Lowering kits

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Raising kits

Raising kits

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